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Lancashire Gold & Silver buy gold, silver and platinum for cash!  We are a family business based and operating in East Lancashire, providing a home visit cash for gold service for anyone who wants to make cash out of their old unwanted jewellery.  We will buy literally anything made of gold, whether it’s broken or new jewellery, asian gold, coins or investment bullion.  We will even buy gold dentistry crowns!  We can test the purity of your gold, so even if it's not hallmarked you can be assured a great price.

Our cash for gold service covers Blackburn, DarwenAccrington, Great Harwood, Clayton-le-Moors, Rishton, PadihamBurnley, Whalley, Clitheroe and all the outlying areas.  We are available evenings and weekends.  With gold, silver and platinum prices at all time highs, there has never been a better time to sell your unwanted jewellery.  Lancashire Gold & Silver offers an honest service that makes this safe and easy for our valued customers.




There are many companies advertising cash-for-gold services on TV, the internet and in the high street.  Some of these claim to offer "best rates", with prices advertised as high as 100% of spot price.  As with most things in life, the old adage applies here: "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".  Celebrity endorsements, free gold packs, TV adverts and internet campaigns all cost a lot of money, and these have to be paid for out of profits - alongside staff wages, business rates and refining costs.  It is virtually impossible to run any business on such a small margin, never mind one with so many overheads.

Here are five ways the gold companies are ripping off the public:

  1. Look out for the small print: hidden refining fees can take 10% or more off the advertised price for gold.
  2. Check if the advertised price is updated daily: if the price they are offering isn't accurate on the day you are selling your gold, then it is devoid of meaning.  Any price could be invented arbitrarily when it is too late and they already have your items.
  3. Watch out for deductions on gemstones: with the exception of diamonds, most gemstones found in jewellery are worthless to a scrap gold merchant.  It is not uncommon for weight to be deducted to account for this, nor is this in itself bad practice.  However, be armed with the facts.  An average circular cut gem measuring 5mm (half a centimeter) will weigh no more than 0.1g.  If you find that large amounts of weight are being deducted, alarm bells should start ringing.  Of course, if you send your gold through the post, you will probably never find out how much has been deducted for gemstones - or whether the gold was weighed accurately at all!
  4. Ask for your gold to be weighed in front of you: in the case of high street chains, ask for your gold to be weighed in front of you to ensure they are offering the advertised rate.  If they are weighing the gold out of sight, there is nothing to prevent rogue traders plucking any old number out of thin air and pocketing the difference.
  5. Ask if their weighing scales are Approved Class II: if they don't know what you're talking about when you ask this question, then their scales probably aren't!  This is the industry standard for jewellery and ensures that the scales are both accurate and cannot be tampered with to give a false reading.  If they don't have this standard of scales, they are breaking the lawTrading standards in the North West recently uncovered that 71% of gold buyers that had not been visited previously were using illegal weighing equipment.

Approved Class II Scales
Approved Class II Scales


Here's how we're different from the rest...

  1. There are ABSOLUTELY no hidden fees.  Our home visit service is free and there is no pressure to sell your gold.  We will simply make an offer based on the prices advertised on our website.
  2. Our prices are updated daily based on the Spot Price for gold at 5:30pm.
  3. We weigh your gold infront of you on Approved Class II scales.
  4. We pay CASH!  When we say cash, we mean real COLD HARD CASH - in your pocket on the spot.
  5. We're quick!  In most cases we will be able to see you on the same day of inquiry, depending on the time we are contacted.
  6. We offer a proffesional, personalised service.  Avoid dodgy postal gold scams and grubby pawn shops.  Sell your unwanted jewellery in the comfort and security of your own home, with friendly proffesionals to help you.

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